Amateur DJ looking for mixing budies

Hey! I am self taught looking East London gal, looking for people to mix with and better improve my skills and just generally have a laugh. I play everything from electro, techno, UK bass music, garage to breakbeat and 150 BPM slammers. All bangers, no clangers.

Get in touch if you fancy meeting up!




I’ve been interested in Djing garage and breakbeat as I’ve been stuck to the generic house until I hung up the headphones for a few years. Would be very interested in meeting up!


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Hi J @LunarLizard! Thanks so much for posting this in our community. Sounds like you are into a lot of cool stylez! Good luck with this! :slight_smile:

Hi @LunarLizard I’m interested, I also mix a broad range of genres, but I’ve been focussing on Jungle & DNB for the last year or so. Happy to do a few sessions together as I want to pick up DJing again.

Hey there @LunarLizard, I play and make a lot of 140 bpm bass music. I’m looking for people to go B2B with also. I would normally book pirate in Camden. If you are interested in running some riddims I would definitely be down. let me know.

All the best

hey there, same message as above. I mainly play and make 140. if you are still djing and would like to go b2b I’d be happy to @VAA20623966

Hiya, I’m Keen to get involved message me on instagram @4lkiini