Any engineers wiling to help me record

Hi I’m G. From Manchester and I need an engineer to record for me and to help with mix & master too. Please dm me on Instagram @1.gtfu or simply reply to this post. Thanks in advance

Hi G @GDraco! Thanks so much for posting in our community! What type of music do you make?

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Drill music @PirateCarlray

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I like to categorise the type of music I make in the rap category but some times I make drill music. Would you be willing to help me kick-start my music career and also do think about my last message and if you can help that’d be great. Thanks in advance

Thanks for sharing this @GDraco. That is really a ruff story. While I am unable to assist here, maybe someone else who runs across this on the pirate community will! One piece of advice that I can share however is to make sure in the future that when you pay for the work you also get the track stems. This way you will always be able to re-produce, add, subtract or edit the song however you want, because you will have each individual piece that makes up the song!

Rap and Drill both sound cool! Don’t give up here, keep on moving forward and do what you are doing by focusing on the next song!

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