Collaboration offer

Hi, my name is BamBam. I love making music. I am currently writing some songs and they’re not finished. I would love for any artist with good sounds and lyrics to jump on one or two songs with me. Hit me back on here or on my I.g if you think you’re the right person for the job and you have the skills to match my lyricism. I also want to reach out to every artist out there if you have a song and would want an artist to hop on it I am interested, send me the details of the songs and your vision and we can work from there. I am located in Manchester. I can do any song as long as its rap, trap or hip hop and afrobeats. But I rap and can sing also. My IG is bambamthaman. Thank you for your time.

I also have soundcloud nd Spotify. My songs on Spotify are Soul cries and drill artist name g draco
The links are :
Soul cries

you produce too or only rap?

U couldn’t ask me this inna real life … thumped*

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