This piece doesn’t belong to one specific genre. It’s classical, contemporary, rock, cinematic, and electronic. Composed/arranged by Laura Reynolds. Violin: Heather Conine; Cello: Emily Grissing; Flute: Talina Hammonds; Guitar, Synths, Programming: Laura Reynolds. Thanks for listening!


Hi, my Name is Michael and this is my favourite Song of what I released this year. Heut Ist Dein Geburtstag

Every week a group on Facebook (The Producers Corner) hosts a sample challenge. They provide the sample for producers to flip and producers flip it and make a beat out of it.

Here’s a recent one I did. What I really like is figuring out how to get the memoji on my head while recording a video. The only problem is, I have to keep looking at the camera the whole time. LOL.


Hey Epic-Music-lovers, this is a live recording done at PIRATE STUDIOS TEMPELHOF.
!!!It is not perfect!!!
one step at a time (hopefully) in the right direction. Please support us on our journey and make possible the chance to win some recording time as we can produce more and better mixes for the music communities around the world to enjoy and live the music as we feel to the highest quality!

If needed the original Video is available upon request.

stay safe and keep making music,

peace mct

Finally mixing my RPM Challenge album from last year, and this is my current favorite track.

Here is one of 8 tracks I have made this year during Covid-Lockdown. All my creations are electric bass, solo performances, recorded on Ableton Live 9 Lite. Percussion is out of the box from Ableton plug-ins.

Here’s the favorite track I made during Covid lockdown…vocal, synths, drums, bass, guitar thru my Focusrite 6i6. Rock sound, lyrics could apply to many different current issues.


Here’s me putting on my stank face to a bass cover of Man in the Mirror:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Listen to Down & Outer by Joe Pearl on #SoundCloud

did this a long time ago and lost the project file

Sonja & Willi, viel Spaß beim Hören.,

Hello Pirate friends! My latest singing/lyrics is here, “A working class hero is something to be” #MindDetox #27Club #ArtPunk based in Leeds, UK.

“Wild Girl” from my upcoming EP, Bad News.

And indie/emo project I’m a part of. This is our debut single and we’re in the process of writing an ep.

Listen to Chrysalis by Palma Flores on SoundCloud

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Song by my band ‘Pässion’ about facing your fears, feeling your feelings, and having the courage to talk to people about your problems

It’s called ‘Rise Up’


Masten :slight_smile:

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