Distributing music online, what are the best services for getting music on streaming platforms and stores

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I currently have my music online using the free version of Amuse. However, it’s very basic, as it only allows distributing onto Spotify, iTunes, tidal, Deezer and that’s about it. They have also taken away the feature to be able to set custom record labels.

The other issue is that you have to have £10 before you can cash out. Which after having to deal with a copyright troll, where Amuse locked my account, and removed all my tracks, making my monthly listeners on Spotify drop from 15 down to 2, I do not feel comfortable or have any trust with the service.

Therefore, I have been looking at what other services are out there. I prefer services where you pay per uploaded track or album and can set your own record label don’t mind this being an additional fee.

As well as getting music onto the major services, I would like to get my music onto other stores such as Beatport, 7 digital, quobuz, junodownload and content ID. I already have a youtube channel but I also have a topic channel, that’s about it. However, currently at the bottom of the tracks, they say things like Provided to YouTube by Amuseio AB. Which I don’t know how I could customise so they read however I want. For example Provided to youtube by Anjunabeats. So how does that work?

I mean can I cut out the middleman, and distribute directly to whoever I want? It looks like a lot of the leading artists use kobalt, but there is no signup option, I did try the contact option, some time ago, but I never got any response.

So, I have currently been looking for a good amuse alternative that fits most of my needs. Octiive seems to be the closest. but I have wondered if there are any others that may be as good. CD baby looks very good and seems to have more features to help grow my following, but does not distribute into as many stores and seam more expensive than Octiive.

Any thoughts on this? What do you use and why? Do you use any of these services? What are they like? Or did you go with something even better?

Thank you.

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I’ve used Distrokid and LANDR. Both good for different reasons - Distrokid is very straightforward and cost effective. LANDR were more stringent about tracks which used samples, otherwise just as straightforward. LANDR cost a bit more at the time but have the option to leave tracks up in perpetuity with no explicit cost (they take a %). Distrokid don’t have this option.

Personally I’m continuing to use Distrokid as they work best for me.

The best write-up I’ve seen on this subject is from Ari’s Take - this is a good starting point:

Try Routenote it’s free

You should also check out Family in Music. Also a free one.