Hi 👋🏾 I’m New Here

Hi my name is Saudia. I’m a pretty cool chick from JA :jamaica:with a wide and awake worldly mind and music in my soul, mind and body.

I would say my music is best described as classical contemporary music meets jazz, pop, classical Victorian art. It’s very surreal and esoteric and uplifting but quite melancholy deriving at the same time.

For a base understanding I would say it is: Adele meets FKA Twigs meets Beyoncé meets ChloéxHalle meets Miguel & Labrinth. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: That’s the best way to put it for humans to understand the feel.

I’m really looking for local musicians to collaborate with and bring this music that is in my mind and soul to life. High emphasis on collaborate also high emphasis on “I am the Queen” :smiley::smiley::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: I know what I want. I want you to want that too and let’s create magic together. :blush::cherry_blossom: No ego, no drama just definitive direction, freedom of expression, good vibes, snacks and magic :sparkles:.

They called me Saudiva in art school not because I was particularly a diva of sort but because my attitude and outcome said greatness, I put in the work and they all wanted to be my scene partner.🫣 Are you still there? If you are, hit me up! :blush::wink::kissing_heart::relieved: let’s create magic!


Hey Saudia,

Nice to see you here! Fellow Silver Lake user myself :blush: Love Labrinth!! And also gotta show love for Beyoncé and Adele. I’m working on my own music project in a more dark synth pop, but I figured it’s good to connect, possibly cross paths on a track and maybe in the studio IRL?!

Do you have any links to your projects?

-Kate a.k.a. Feathers

Hey Kate!

Thanks for reaching out! I would to connect and share skills, work on something together. I don’t have any current original projects that I am proud of that I’ve recently shared online. I however have some original stuff and some covers I’ve been doing just to stay up with the times and keep the social media engine going. You could check it out on IG: @saudia.__ @thesaudia on TikTok and SaudiaMusic on YouTube. Send me your links as well! I would love to check out your stuff :blush: can’t wait to connect :blush:

Hey Saudia! Just followed you on Tiktok :smile: Everything is on my website and I’m working on a few things right now. I’m down to head into the studio and do a cover or something fun. I can hear us lay down some vocal heavy tracks since we’re both singers :wink:

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Hey Kate I have an idea for a collab, I would love to talk it over with you, let me know where is best to hit you up?

Love it! Hit me up on - I might be going to the studio Friday evening :slight_smile: