I'm Chris, disabled wannabe New Age composer in Brighton with techie questions!

Dear Anyone.

I’m a disabled guy who loves writing New Age music, but I really could do with a bunch of techie help to get started. Right now I use a notation DAW because I understand notation. Thing is it’s 32-bit, never got updated, never found any 64-bit DAWs I understand. I mean they all seem to be drag’n’drop MIDI pack jobs and I like writing my own stuff from scratch and using presets in VSTs for the sounds. Sorry I’m not expert in making my own pads from scratch, I understand things like ADSR and wave forms, gates and poles but taking wave forms FROM those basics to the lurvely sounds I hear on YouTube all the time - nah. I’m sure they’re using presets a lot of the time - but I’ve no idea on what. So I just flog to death the few decent sounds I do have.

I’m honestly looking for help to get started, been looking for help for years. If anyone could help me at least find some decent backing sounds to use or help me learn how to create them - I’ve done the YouTube video thing, if you can watch an expert chef do a meal and create one from scratch just as good as his after watching the video, having never done it before, you have my full respect! I’ve watched and carefully followed loads of pad making vids., they get glorious sounds, I get seal farts. What keeps me going is every so often something WORKS and, when it does, I sell it. So I CAN do it. I just lack the knowledge to do it regularly, so when something goes wrong I don’t know what to do to put it right - and I know I don’t really have good enough backing (pad) sounds. That’s just cos I’ve no idea what to get (32-bit).

If anyone’s willing to give the disabled freak a bit of techie help, it would be really, really appreciated. I wanna get a couple of CDs out there just to prove all those who say my life and I am a waste of space and time wrong. But I want them to be me, not drag’n’drop MIDI files from MIDI packs. (Which kinda kills Ableton Live and Fruity Loop Studio cos they can’t do anything else, can they.) Just to finish…

My DAW’s Quick Score Elite Level 2. Nope, it doesn’t matter that you’ve prob. never heard of it. Understanding it’s my job and I’m good at it. I’ve got a list of VSTs in it I can give you but all their presets seem very hardcore dance, not nice New Agey backing sounds. I’ve tried ADSR to soften 'em but the results don’t even convince me TBH. I’m after sounds like Karunesh, Yellow Brick Cinema,

or this guy’s backing sounds. This is Zen Breakfast, it was done in 32-bit days, where would he have gotten his lovely backing sounds from?

Please, I’ve really tried to learn this stuff myself but never managed to get anyone to give the disabled loser lessons or a shot. Could one of you lot take me on and show me how to make the sounds? When I’ve done the album, I’ll happily put your name, or your names, on it as well. Just the backing sounds and prob. a bit of mixing help when I’ve done all the tracks, got loads done in MIDI form, just trying to source sounds for them.

Yours hopefully



Hi friend, email me at then we can talk and lets see how we get on

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Hey both - I’d be happy to see if there’s anything I can do to help here as well, if still needed following the comms between yourselves.

Feel free to contact me via

I’m unfamiliar with the DAW mentioned (I predominantly use Logic), but confident I could get to grips with it, and we can learn together, if needs be!

If I don’t hear from either of you, then I’ll assume that you’ve got this down! If that’s the case, then I’ll take this opportunity to wish you both every success - sounds like you’re about to have a lot of fun at the studios!!

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In terms of sounds - check out Spitfire Labs and Pianobook. Both are Christian Henson side projects and both contain a wealth of professional quality, completely free vsts.

Spitfire Labs has its own dedicated software by way of plugin, which you can download from their site (again, free)

most of the sounds on Pianobook (if not all) are usable via the free version of Kontakt.

Hopefully, both of those pieces of software are compatible with you DAW (I’d be surprised if they weren’t)