Introduction: Drummer in Hamburg

Hi everone,

I’m new in here, so I’m going to introduce myself:

Malek is my name, in my 40s phase of age. I work as EIM Consultant in Hamburg and play Drums as a hobby.

I got full-fledged eDrums (Yamaha DTX6K + DTX502 joint together) here in Hamburg but used to play Acoustic 10 years ago, i.e. familiar with both types.

I’ve been doing drums since 199x with serious training sessions, however self-lerner. I believe, I possess advanced Technic and Control, with good internal metronome, but lack some beat accuracy and experience conveying my feel spontaneously.

On genres, I listen to anything that falls within the Rock to Jazz range, and when it comes to playing, I would love to play Metal, Progressive and Funk. Recently I started practicing to a grip over Reggae.

I’ve been in Germany for about 8 years now, so you can imagine my German fluency level :smile:

I’m very much interested and actively looking forward to joining a band to feel the real joy. Having said that, I’ve not played with others since 2010, so it may take me a while until I get my performance polished and put in the context of the Band.

BTW, I live in Rahlstedt-Hamburg and my neighbors seem so far ok with the loudness I produce.

Don’t hesitate to contact me.


Hey Malek! Welcome to the Pirate community. Our Germany operations manager, Emilio, is a drummer too! I see you’re on the other side of town, have you checked out the studios yet? :grin:

Hi Amber,

Not yet, I’m trying to get myself along with the others beforehand, I still got no one to play with.