Joining Mastodon

Hi there,

there have been a few suggestions for Pirate to join Mastodon social network. A few reasons being that. Many people are growing tired of constant ads, tracking and other rubbish on Facebook apps and with Elon musk buying Twitter, many people want to move to other platforms such as mastodon. It would be really cool if pirate studios join mastodon.

It does not matter which website, as mastodon is decentralised sort of like star trek. Anyone is free to join and follow from any server or self-host. There are no ads, trackers or any rubbish and is open source, so you can see how it all works. you can read up more here

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Seconded here. A pirate mastodon instance could be something really special, IMO. I also think not having an algorithm in charge of your feed is something highly beneficial.

Also, I would like to congratulate Pirate’s choice to host a discourse instance for their online community - I’m about to set one up myself and it’s a great piece of software.

An update from my side, we’ve now deployed our discourse community and are getting bits set up. With regard to the fediverse, mastodon, and pirate, might be of interest. You can self host, like mastodon, and it looks like a pretty cool alternative to Facebook events. If I experiment I will report back about my experiences.