Keyboard player needed for established function band

We go out as a five or six piece band with female vocals, playing mainly weddings. Members ages are roughly 30-50. The setlist is kind of soul based (Motown, disco, 90’s Rnb, so very loosely soul based). We are also looking to include some 80’s songs as demand seems to be going that way. We’re Manchester based and although some members live a little further afield, our pricing structure is partly determined on the distance from Manchester.

We’ve been together for over a decade, have an excellent PA system with monitors which can be adjusted to your individual taste via a smartphone app. Looking for someone who can bring the sound we need, brass parts would be important. Looking for someone who has reasonable availability and of course transport.

Wedding demand has dropped off after the mess of 2020, so although we do have some function events booked, we will also need to do more live work in pubs and clubs in the meantime.

Happy to discuss anything you need to know over the phone, the website is (everything on there is about 6 years old, so will need an update at some point).

Let me know if you’re interested.


Hi Eddie @PE12475683 thanks for taking the time to post in the Pirate community. It sounds like you all are really doing your thing. Good luck to you moving forward with finding a new member and playing gigs as well as getting back into the wedding gigs when more come up!

Hi theee, not a keyboard player but an aspiring songwriter-singer who’s ver influenced by all the music u just named above I have a song written that has elements of classic rnb that would be great if u could listen to it?