Looking for a hip-hop/soul-centric producer/sound engineer

Hey guys! Im a singer/songwriter that lives in Ireland, namely Dublin near the studio there.
So my birthday is coming up on the 26th and I’m looking to release my first song and have it properly produced/engineered and I’m looking for someone that can help me bring the song to life!

I know this is such short notice but life got in the way and my motto is better late than never, :sweat_smile:

So if anyone remotely resembles what I’m tryna do, please do reach out!


Hey I’m an engineer based in London and I would love to hear a demo of your song and see whether I can help in any way. Shoot me a message on IG @vasco.inthemix

Hey! I can’t be there in person to engineer, but I could make beats and/or mix/master the song :slight_smile: