Looking for a producer based in London

Just a young aspiring singer songwriter looking for a producer to collaborate with
Looking for someone with a lot of musicality who’s farmilar with multiple genres who can help take my ideas to the next level

Hey, would defo be interested in helping you out with that! - currently do that with a few people already, if you have Instagram message me there @hightopsfeed and I’ll show you a few bits and we could figure it out there,
thats one beats i made a while back there aswell but i like to make alot of different vibes

I’m an engineer based in London, I’ve got a few different vibes I’ve produced on my website. Have a listen and if you like what I do send me a dm via IG.

IG: @thebeatfarda

Do you have any works we can hear? I’m on insta @hl_music if you want to connect - I’m a producer/ engineer working with a small collective of producers/engineers