Looking for several artist to collaborate on EP

Earlier this year I set a goal of releasing some of my own music potentially in the form of an EP of some sort. Due to covid its been really difficult to try to work together with artist especially virtually. With everything opening back up again figured I would post up on here for help. I’m a DJ/Music Producer based in London and I would love to collaborate with a range of different artist from the community on this project. I mainly produce HipHop/Rap, R&B, Trap & Afrobeats. However I’m pretty open to any genre but these are the ones I have the most experience in producing. (I’m actually currently working on a EDM track with an artist which has taken me out of my comfort zone but fully enjoying the challenge)

I have put together some rough ideas (work in progress) of some beats I’m potentially thinking about having on this project into a private playlist on SoundCloud. Please check them out and let me know if anything sounds up your street. If there isn’t anything that matches your style but you would still like to work with me please reach out happy to create something from scratch together.


Beat Store


I could here myself on most those beats man.

That’s the link to my song. If u still looking for features and collabs I’m here bro

Hey bro! Glad to hear you like the beats.

Just heard your track and it’s :fire:

Not sure if you use Instagram or anything but hit me up on there. Would love to get you on one of these beats or start something from scratch

Let’s do it, I’m down to create bro! Lmk I’ll send my catalog over so you can check it out

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Hey bro

Yeah still looking for people for this project. Please link me to any work you’ve got. Looking forward to hearing it

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Im down

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I make afrobeats … @alphi_lexy on IG

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Still looking?

Yes! Hit me up