Looking for someone to show me the ropes

So I’ve produced music at home I bought ableton and taught myself how to use it, I want to learn to use the equipment and want to start using pirate studios regularly but don’t want to waste money not knowing what I’m doing, so if there’s anyone out there that would like to help me on using production equipment/good at mastering (my stuff sounds sick in headphones but shit through speakers) hit me up!

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Hi Kira
My name is Ramon
I am a music producer too using Logic Pro but mainly Ableton Live, I love it, I know very well how to use Ableton Live. I also use Pirates studios mainly to play and record DJing. I have got all my music equipment at home, monitors, midi piano, audio interface, computers and my DJ Controller, however I love coming Pirates time to time too.
My vision is to play my own electronic music, I have around 15 songs already, as a DJ in live music events so I am happy to help you to develop yourself looking for future collaborations and network.
If it sounds good for you, just let me know an in January we could keep talking future project.
Nice to meet you around.

Let me know if I can help

Here’s me

Hi. I have experience as a producer in Ableton specifically. please see my work and contact me through my website:

Hi there are you open to collaborate?