Music during a launch event

Hey, are other female DJs in here up for a collaboration? It’s for an event I’m hosting in April. I would love to hear from you, it’s more of a lounge music vibe where people will most likely be networking.

Hi, Where is the event taking place. I play house, mainly Deep, Afro, Amapiano and some soulful.

Hey! The event will be in North London and it will be mostly lounge music. So music for during the intervals and before and after talks and the screening. If you’re interested, then please share your Mixcloud or SoundCloud and I can get back to you with more detailed information.

Hey, the event will be in North London, the closest station would be Tottenham Hale. As for music, Soul and Afro sounds good. It’s mainly for during the breaks and at the beginning and end. Do you have a controller as well?

I need to get the exact timings confirmed, however, the date has been confirmed for Fri April 14th. I’ll try and find you on Mixcloud or Soundcloud for some of your mixes. It would be nice to do a call and discuss further details if you’re still interested and available.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to do that date with it being a work day. Hopefully next time if anything comes up we can arrange something, so keep me posted and I hope all goes well.
Soundcloud is where I can be found, as I rarely use Mixcloud. Just search DJ KnowFreedom.