Need a vocalist who can do an acapella or acoustic version of Jazmine Sullivan song


I am a host of a podcast, and like to break down the lyrics of songs that have a a lot passion infused within it. I am not trying to showcase upcoming talent, by asking talented vocalists to record a cover version of the song we will be breaking down. Of course, we will give you a shout out, credit you for the performance, add your socials in all our links and descriptions as well as ensure when promoting the episode, the vocal segment is included.

very much look forward to collaborating with you :v:t5:

Are you breaking down “Lost One” by Jazmine Sullivan by any chance?

Hi, good to hear from you.

Honestly, I never really heard this song properly until now. Are you happy to speak on the topic’s mentioned in the song, and after the conversation, to treat our listeners with your own acapella or acoustic version of the song?

If so, I will be more than happy to discuss this further with you :slight_smile:

Hey I’d love to hear more!

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This sounds like an incredible podcast! I’m such a lover of lyrics, a lyricist myself and vocalist and would love to help out if I can in the future! Connect with me here if you want or on insta @brendanettie x

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Thank you @Countessshyanne and @DA12388488 for your messages.

@Countessshyanne, one of your songs called ‘NU’ is fire, I really mean that. Such a beautiful song.

So, im going to be posting a list of dates that I will be going to the studio to record podcast, as well as topics we will be discussing, feel free to let me know which ones you would like to attend, and if you will be bringing anybody too.

Thanks again for reaching out… Look forward to meeting with you all soon.
Peace n Love

Thank you so much for listening and your kind words! :two_hearts:

So excited to hear more about your podcast, when you’ll be recording and what you’ll be discussing. Such an awesome idea!