Never done this before. Been set a challenge by friends

Hi I have been set a challenge from my friend to do a DJ set. I love all dance sounds and have done for the last 35 years. At moment all
My music is on Spotify, but been told if I want in a studio would need to be on sound cloud, not sure if that is true. So anyway looking for any guidance that you could bring. Videos tunes, you name it. The challenge is going to be in June, no dates as yet, please help.

What type of music do you do and I would like to listen to your songs if you could give me your artist name and song title to look it up on Spotify

I can’t offer much advice, DJ specific stuff is slightly outside of my area of expertise - but that sounds like a fantastic plan, you’ll get some serious new skills by pushing yourself like that! If you get any recordings or videos of it, we’d love to see it!

Hi my name on Spotify is Gary Patrick Mullen. I love a mixture of music, but do like old skool.

Hey Diane, thanks for reply. I had my first session last week and had a blast. Was so good listen to music that you like, and to see how it really works was brill to.

That’s great! It’s one thing to have music you like, but it’s totally another to start figuring out why you like it and what really makes it stand out - because that means you can start coming up with a plan for how to make more music like it!

Hey Diane, last week in Glasgow I did my first ever live recording. Can you advise what you think and can give any advice. There is so much to learn and so much on decks not I

This is awesome, really nice work! I’m afraid I’m not really enough of an expert with the decks to pass on any critical analysis, but it’s sounding awesome, I hope you’re gonna post another soon!

If you’re handy with figuring out where to mount your camera, it’d be sweet to get an angle where you can also see what you’re doing with the decks - hopefully so I can learn a thing or two!

Hey Diane, this is a new playlist I’d did yesterday day. Tried to work better on my phrasing. Let me know what you think.