New single! Know any good blues blogs?

We just released our new single today, called Isabella. It’s a proper Chicago-style blues song, all about my baby daughter’s first six months on this planet, spent in an incubator. I wrote it while sitting beside her.

Delighted to share this with you

And with a slight ulterior motive to ask does anyone know of any good UK blues outlets / blogs / publications / bloggers, just looking for some specific outreach etc

Cheers and hope you enjoy :metal:


Thanks for sharing @Brighty - great tune. I’m not aware of any blues-specific outlets but will put the word out tomorrow and see if I can find anything out for you.

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@Dan_Pirate thanks for the kind words mate much appreciated :pray:

Nice one @Brighty - real authentic blues sound you’ve got going on! I’ve had a look online and found 2 publications specialising in blues in the UK. Blues in Britain and Blues Matters. Hope this helps, and good luck!


@Jordan_Pirate thanks so much for the lovely words and for that info yes that helps immensely, I’m going to write to them right this second thank you :pray: :heart:

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