PIRATE.COM Should have an app

PIRATE.COM should make an app. Could be a lot more easier or not ? What’s people view’s on this .


I think it’s a good idea, would make things a lot simpler for me

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We think it’s a good idea too! It’s on our roadmap :slight_smile:


Glad you like the idea. I think it would be great for a lot of people

Would be good to have a live chat for folks that are in the building too, maybe one with a bot for studio needs and one for collaborative purposes.

How do you see that working? Would love to understand a bit better!

Basically I’m thinking something similar to Discord, where you have the option to create channels or groups one could could basically serve all equipment/tech/studio needs kind of like a studio IT. I know I’ve had moments where I forgot a cord or need some tech support, would be awesome to be able to communicate in real time with someone that could troubleshoot live. And then a chat (or multiple) where people that are working in the studios can communicate with other people that are at their location and collaborate on a needs basis, for example: I’m a producer and often have moments where I’m working on new music and would love to link with a vocalist or instrumentalist to write a song. Currently the forum/ message board is a great start, I think a chat would just be a lot faster in the moment. I hope this helps!

@TheOriginalSaedi Thanks for sharing, I love the social connection idea!

Support: You can send us a WhatsApp message or head to and tap the chat icon to connect to our live chat. Also, in the US, you can send us an SMS at +1 (866) 606-0065 — someone will respond 24/7. Add us to your contacts!

Definitely concur with this. The site is really cool and detailed, but an app would probably highlight certain things better and bring more Pirate users together :ok_hand:t3:

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Thanks to everyone that reply to my post . Much appreciate :blush: