POLL - Live Online Performance

Here’s one for all of you since the announcement of BandCamp live - it got me to thinking, how important is Live Streaming performances online going to be for you in 2021?

Is it essential? Or are you gonna wait 'til some venues finally get back up and running? Let us know below.

  • I’m definitely gonna be Live Streaming performances online in 2021
  • Not for me, I’m gonna wait 'til venues open back up
  • I would, but I don’t think the options are varied enough
  • I wouldn’t know where to start - help!

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Had a fair amount of success live streaming over the course of lockdown. Band mates sent me the backing tunes and I performed live to the camera and chatted shit in between. Went down surprisingly well. It kind of satisfied my need to be on stage and centre of attention but nothing will ever replace the actual stage.