Signal message option on the pirate support page

Hi there, would be awesome if there is a button to message support on signal as well as WhatsApp. Not everyone uses WhatsApp (considering Facebook owns WhatsApp). As a result of the new terms that have come into effect, lots of people have moved to better platforms such as signal. Would be awesome if Pirate studios can accommodate users that have moved.

you could create a message on signal button with this link which when clicked on, people can then start a chat in signal.

Hey @Goldmaster, thanks for the suggestion — we’ve been looking at Telegram too — how does that work for you?

Part of it is that it needs to work with our contact centre platform, which hopefully we are revamping next year :sunglasses:

I have been using Signal for over 4 years. It’s more the way to go as it’s much more secure and private.

Thanks for the info! Again, depends what we can do with a support platform but really appreciate you suggesting it :nerd_face:

That’s ok. Fortunately, Signal do have desktop programs as well. For Linux, Windows and Mac.

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