21 year old vocalist in Glasgow quite new to the scene would like to meet more people and get jamming and see what can come up with, my genres are rock, indie, pop , r&b if interested for a playing for a hour or so give me a message

Hey Kyle, welcome! Do you have any links to your work?

That’s good to know. I am in Glasgow also and looking forward to meeting singers and musicians that we can do a lot with. I play keyboard, bass guitar and I do music production. I hope to hear from you soon.


I sing / songwrite (but I’m not the best at song writing) would love to create with other producers / singers / creators :black_heart:

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I am Simon Peter. I am new and want to launch my music career in the UK. I write and sing songs but never had any major recordings.
Would be glad to have recording engineers in Birmingham to partner in a couple of productions