Techno dj wanted for back to back mix

A Techno dj wanted in Norwich, Norfolk @ pirate studios for back to back practise mix session, with myself Matt. Looking for any styles that is not cheesy and is fairly hard or hard. Let me know thanks


Best of luck finding a b2b person. I love vibing off other’s energy for b2b but I’m based out of LA/US. Keep my bpms around 125…tops 130. Always on the harder tip but not like speed or hard head banging techno.

Hi, sorry for late answering, but I’m in Norwich, and I’m happy if I can play with anyone b2b
Hopefully still available u offer

Hi Bazsee, thanks for the reply. What styles do you want to play on first meet at pirate studio? Currently I only really have slower stuff on usb stick/laptop. From 123bpm to 135bpm. Some is more tough minimal and some quite tech trancy and hard. All of that stuff released within the last ten years.

Have about 750 vinyl records spanning all types of the harder techno.

Recon it will be easier with the equipment at pirate just to use the CDJ’s as I don’t know where we could put the turntables aswell?

Let me know your thoughts?




Normally I use 128-130 bpm… I use pan drive, without any automatic or master tempo!
Usually I play Techno, Tech-House, Classic Tech House, Minimal, After party music, Ibiza After Party etc etc all music stuff is from the last 20-22 years! I think we can make some nice b2b things😎 even U can use my playlist as well….
When will be best for You? We can use 3 players room yeah?


Hi Bazsee,

We could do anytime this weekend or next weekend? Or Wednesday, Thursday next week? Not sure if the three deck studio is cheaper off peak?


Hi Matt,
Next week we can do it any days!
I guess will be better at first time choose off peak time….can You give me a call or text message by phone please, quicker and easier!