Where would you like to see another Pirate Studios?

Let us know where you would love another Pirate Studios!

If we have a considerable amount of traction for a specific location, it’s something we will be able to look into!

Thank you!

Tower Hamlets, Canary Wharf

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Thanks Luca!

Near Kilburn High Rd Railway station, London, please! Downhill from home for a quick start - the right distance back to have a good cool down walk after a good studio session.

+1 for E14

I live on the Isle of Dogs, work in South Bermindsey so I use Greenwich. Would be great to not have to think about tunnels

We would use Pirate more if there was one on Long Island. It’s a hike to Brooklyn or Queens for us.

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think a studio around the Preston / Blackpool area would work out

I think you should really consider Oakland. There’s plenty of industrial real estate and a thriving community of creatives and DJs that would really benefit from having access to studio space and equipment.

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Paris would be really cool, there’s a huge art and music scene to be tapped in to

Please San Diego! Please! :slight_smile:

Fife, preferably Kirkcaldy area

Jersey City area please!!!

London - waterloo area

Clapham! Maybe Clapham junction or Clapham Common, good for people south west and easy on the northern line

In my back garden please. :sunglasses:

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Second this! Bow specifically

Guildford!! There’s a huge music community there, lots of bands and DJs

South East, lewisham

Also I’ve been to a few in London and dalston gets preference over Greenwich and Camden as those 2 are much further from the station

South Brooklyn! Canarsie - Midwood - Ditmas Park - Sheepshead Bay – I’m moving soon and sadly will be far away from Bushwick and Gowanus.

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