*7 DAY CHALLENGE - PRODUCERS/MUSICIANS* Instrumental track challenge for studio Credit 10/02/21

We’re back with another instrumental challenge!

Same rules as last week (super simple), just have a go at making some kind of instrumental track of any genre and we will choose 3 winners on 17th Feb! With the overall winner taking £50/$50/€50 studio credit and the runners up each taking £20

Important bits:

  • Final entries should be uploaded to SoundCloud and published to this thread (simply paste the link).
  • Closing date is Wednesday 17th Feb at 12 noon GMT
  • As you work, feel free to post your works in progress on the competition thread for feedback from other members and Pirate staff.

We’re looking forward to hearing what you guys come up with, good luck!



Yes yes !


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Sadly, I have only just finished the pile of work that needed dealing with, so no time to enter this one. Hope there will be another next week, I can 100% give that a go!

Good luck to all the entries, I shall give them a listen :smiley:

Any updates for this one?

Okay… Been a while since we posted this one guys, apologies!

So winning this competition with “Report” is @Ismael!!! Well done mate, transported me to Berlin for a brief moment… missing that place.

Our runners up are @99kaibarrett with his 80s synth ting, Nightrider vibes man! Also, @Aiwazz with a proper face melter there, had to turn my hifi down so this didn’t tear it to shreds.

Remember to keep up to date with new challenges as there are some really big ones in the pipes guys!

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Big ups my bro, glad you enjoyed that! Looking forward to the new challenges!

Noiiiice! Thank you mate!