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Hi Dan

My Duo Band “Willow Crest” would love to be featured on the Pirate Homepage. As we used the Pirate Studio in West Adams to record all the Demo’s for our upcoming EP and we loved the space. We are exited to start using the Silver Lake Location this year.

Please let me know how we can make this possible here is our email:

Reina Mora

Highly interested. Have been using Pirate for about a month. 90s hip-hop artist. Recently moved to L.A from Buffalo NY.

Please check out this track I made for a Timbaland competition. Grateful for any feedback.

Hi Dan & Pirate Team! :wave:
This Community is a cool new development for Pirate … we’re indie rock band Luna Blue, from Brighton UK (we usually use the Brighton & Hove studio, sometimes other locations). We’d love to have our music featured on the Pirate homepage - we’re just coming to the end of a UK tour (at last, after all the difficulties of the past 18 months!) and we’re sharing a main festival stage this weekend (4 Sep) with McFly, Ash & Sleeper and will be smashing out a home-city headliner at Brighton’s Komedia the following weekend. Here’s a SoundCloud link to our music (which is on all the usual DSPs) - hope you love it!
Kind regards, Tori (Manager) and the Luna Blue guys (Tom, Seb, Ryan & Nick) x :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Dan!

I’m a singer in Dublin-based vocal band Ardú. We’re a mixed 6-voice group and have recently used the Dublin Pirate Studios to record our upcoming album, Songs from Here.
We’ve partnered with LA-based producer Shams Ahmed to create this album, which is a sort of love letter to Irish music, featuring original vocal arrangements of popular, traditional and lesser-known tracks exclusively by Irish artists.

The full album will be released on June 10th, and we’ve already released a single - I Wouldn’t Be. The track has been really well received and is our most-streamed track to date on Spotify.
You can hear it and see the music video here:

We’d love for our Single/Album to be featured on the Pirate homepage. Let us know how we can make that happen.
You can email us at:
You can learn more about the group here:

If you need any more info, I’m at your disposal!

Kind regards,

Check my track OuterLimits by my Dark Matter Project:

It is a free download on Sopundcloud and Dark Matter Project Bandcamp. An EP is coming July or August.


  • Shane dB/Dark Matter Project