Any drummers up for a rock jam in Earlsfield?

We are two rock/hard rock guitar players looking for a drummer to jam and see what’s what… we have loads of ideas, cool riffs and a few tracks ready. Ideally someone local or that lives in South London to make things easy. Let me know \m/

Hey, glad I came across this post! I’m Matt, I’ve been drumming on and off now for about 12 years and would love to get back into it a bit more and play with some people - this sounds right up my street!
I live in SW London so the Earlsfield studio is perfect, it’s only about 10 min from me. Let me know if you want to organise anything

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Hey Matt

Just saw this… nice one. Let me know if you’re up for a jam over the weekend, could get the other guy I’ve been jamming with (lead guitar) and see what happens :wink:

What kind of music are you in to? What kind of bands do you like? Let me know man. Cheers


Just replied to your other message!

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If you need a engineer for the session I’m available. Earlsfield is the one I usually use as well.

IG: @thebeatfarda