Any ENGINEERS (good with Logic)? 🎶

Hey :pray:

I am willing to pay. Anyone here good with mixing AND mastering on logic? :musical_keyboard::notes:

I am looking for PROFESSIONAL level standards, no basic “preset” mixing and I expect somebody with actual experience who has mixed high level music for artists (rappers & singers) with a resume to show me.

Need to improve my mixing / mastering. I am an artist from London. (rapper & singer)

Reply to this or DM me on Instagram if you can help me with my mixes and then we can discuss business moving forward. No time wasters.

:camera: IG: @ABOODYonDaTrack
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i have been mixing / mastering for better part of a decade now. im in la, but will be in ny starting in june. also down to potentially do some internet stuff but that can be a bit tricky with sound quality. hmu ! :slight_smile:

Hey man Im an engineer here in LA and I do tons of work out of state and country through e-mail! I’am the most affordable also with great quality! Would love to work with you💪🏽 Hit me on IG @realrob100

Hello, welcome to Ether Sounds. Our available services include, studio sessions, Engineering, mix and mastering, production and post production. Let us know how we can help you :crystal_ball::dvd: MIX AND MASTERING FREE FOR RECORDING ARTISTS

Shoot me an email if you’re still interested on learning how to mix in logic?

I’m from Sheffield bro - but I mix and master on Logic using Waves! I prefer working in the studio and mixing as we record. Then I prefer mastering on another day in my own space.

Hey guess, sorry for late reply!

I’m down bro, have you DM’ed me on IG? :musical_keyboard:@ABOODYonDaTrack

Hey there

Happy to help. I’ve been using logic professionally for years

Here’s me

Hey bro! :notes::pray:

So sorry for late reply, only just saw this, could you DM me on Instagram? @ABOODYonDaTrack

Hey LCGOT! :notes::pray:

So sorry for late reply, only just saw this, could you DM me on Instagram? @ABOODYonDaTrack

Hi @ABOODY! Thanks for taking the time to post in the Pirate community! Good luck with this! :slight_smile: