Any streamers out there?

I’m looking for some new feeds and want to see what the Pirate Community is putting out there. All styles of music and music-related content welcome, live or pre-recorded - share your channel below!


Hey Loz, I just bought this dope video switcher that I wanna use for good quality technical streams rather than do pre-recorded shows.

I wanna improve upon videos like this that I have made.

Let me know what you think



I stream music production and gaming at - if you like videogame music remixes, you’ve come to the right place! :smiley:

Hey @NICKRICHTEA, firstly, sick set. Love the dubs and bit of garage on a sunny day always goes down a treat! I like the staging you’ve got going on too, it’s fairly lofi but it looks really tidy, and the lighting’s good.

What’s the vid switcher that you’ve just bought? Where are you planning on streaming to?

Appreciate you sharing this - thanks mate!

Thanks for sharing your channel, Suzie! Nice overlap in the gaming and music content.

Ape Escape had such a crazy soundtrack! Weirdly strong jungle vibes from some of the music on it but a bunch of games had that kind of influence, I think, and vice versa. I saw this article a handful of years ago about how the OS for an X-Men game on the SNES featured a grime instrumental that pre-dates grime:

Hey @Loz_Pirate cheers for giving the mix a listen! :raised_hands::raised_hands:

I just got a BlackMagic Atem Mini Extreme Iso, this thing is mad and basically is built for TV rather than me with just a cameras and some circuit bent analog devices aha :sweat_smile:.

I’m based in Cardiff trying to find creatives around here that maybe go to the Cardiff studios that may wanna work together and can really utilise the power of this device and maybe do a bass related podcast that sorta thing.

I assume most people in here are based closer to the London studios?


That thing is a serious piece of kit! So it sounds like you reckon you need someone to man the controls on the vid switcher whilst you are having a mix? Or do you reckon you can do both at the same time?

Where are you planning to stream to at the moment - some platform like Youtube or Twitch, or somewhere else?

There’s actually a bit of a range in terms of where people on here are based. This thing is a bit janky, but you can use these filters to see who’s based near each Pirate location:
Alternatively, you could always make a post in here and see if you get any take up?

try virtual DJs on facebok and mixcloud. differnet genre every night. i often pla techno thursdays