Artist looking to collab and potentially form a band

Heyyy im a 21 yo new female pop/ R&B/ afrobeats singer from LDN looking to take music more seriously. Possibly Willing to start a band or work with other artists to create bangers, I have experience singing in studios but songwriting/mixing/mastering isn’t my bag!
@nnxka_1 on insta
@nnxka on SoundCloud/Spotify
Hit me up if you’re interested

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Hi I’m a singer songwriter too I’m 23 male, in London don’t have any songs out but writing is a forte I of mine would love to talk music and t your interested?

If you’re looking for a producer you can hit me up

Hey! you can hit me up here if you’re interested I’m a producer/ musician/ songwriter haven’t done anything much lately but I’m willing to work with you let’s see what happens