Bach meets metal dupstep- is possible?


Anything is possible! You’d have to figure out what the crucial elements of each of those things are to make it work - in the case of Bach, good contrapuntal writing where the harmony works very well, but each voice (ie: line) of the harmony sounds good and works on it’s own as a melody. In Bach’s 371 chorales, he does it with singers or his organ (which he could improvise 8-part fuges on, woulda made a ripping synth player today!), but there’s not really anything that says you couldn’t do it with guitar lines or synth lines - as long as they interweave well, without all blurring together into “just chords” rather than distinct counterpoint melodies.

You can describe “metal” music pretty well by talking about riffs, speed, and so on, but the aesthetic of metal - the surface level elements - tends to convey metal more effectively than any specific musical idea. Heavily distorted guitars playing powerchords and chugging riffs with relatively steady rock beat played hard as hell behind it is pretty much all you need to suggest metal. Throw some double-kick in there, and the tritone gap to make it evil, and that’d probably do the trick!

I’m not well-versed enough to comment on dubstep, but if you’ll forgive me shooting from the hip, a buildup into a dubstep-style breakdown (as opposed to a heavy metal style breakdown) using grimy, distorted synths would do a pretty good job of conveying that.

Can you write a piece of music using all of those disparate elements? Absolutely, but the tricky part would be making it all fit together, flow from one part to the other and sound good all at the same time. I heartily encourage anyone feeling brave to give it a go!


I love your message! and I fully agree that Bach would make an amazing synth player. That guy was a composing machine. I once read he had to come up with a new hyme-(meaning melody and harmonies) every Sunday!!

coming back to the question: is a mix of Bach Dubstep and Metal possible?

I fully agree: yes and I hope we were brave enough to try it.

If you follow the Link posted, you will hear a live recording of the Song- Sonata. One could say, this is our version of, trying to comb each definable musical-elements.

Reflecting on your description of each Element, I would love to hear your review of our Song- Sonata.


Apologies, I missed the link the first time somehow - that’s sick!

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Anything in music is possible :heart: A quote that strike me: “There is no rules in music production.” Going even further with this mindset: In art, creativity, craft etc. know that there is no limits. Shift the mindset from limit to limitless. Working on your musical skills is important but if you ain’t already educating yourself as a human being. You should start adding that to your life. It develops and benefits you in your musical career.

Music is a passion and goal that we as artist/producers/DJs/creatives work towards to not only because it’s our way of expressing different feelings/experiences/life lessons but also to achieve financial freedom or fullfill our dreams and desires. Learn/educate yourself on your personal wellbeing/mental health/self-love/limiting belief systems, doubts, fears. Business mindset is also very crucial IF you want to be an independent artist.

Daily habits, positive mindset; the thoughts you think/feed consciously or subsconsciously, the type of food you consume, the words you speak out of your mouth to yourself and others, for example negative self-talk, movies you watch and music you listen, activities outside music and creative work; working out or some sort of sport/exercise or hobby, relationships with people that makes you feel empowered, motivated and not unsupported, unmotivated, toxic and insecure.

I realised all this recently and that’s why I’m changing my fundamental mindset to positive in all aspects. I was the one who was blocking my own success and not the other people.

Through my whole school history I was bullied/left outside/neglected/called retard/gossiped. I’m 27 right now. :)) All those in school, family, custody, strangers in the public did me a big time favour. :blush: :see_no_evil: They tried every way to break me :smiley: but that just made me stronger. I thank them and say adios :slight_smile: My core strength is always been I grow thru pain & hardships. Failures are only opportunities and lessons. Holding a grudge and negativity towards to those people is excactly what they want.

I am full of love for life and other people. Drawing lines and boundaries for yourself is important. Going about my daily life with victim mentality doesn’t bring me forward. Makes me stuck and is slowing me down. “You can’t be a victim and a millionaire at the same time.” They are total opposite mindsets.

How to find your music niche

P.S: I wrote this reply for everyone needing guidance.

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