Become a DJ on isolate radio

Hi any DJs looking a weekly slot please get in contact . DJ from home or pirate studios.



I would absolutely love a shot at this.
I’m a bedroom dj and truly believe I have the ability to go far.
I can mix on the fly/unplanned across a range of genres…R&B, dancehall, dance, house, U.K. bass, bassline. My personal preference is R&B but I always seem to end up on baselines haha
I love mashups as I believe they keep an audience.
I’ve attached a 15minute mini mix I created today for the reprezent radio thread.

I don’t really upload mixes online often but have a few on Mixcloud including two bassline mixes. ((Mixcloud link doesn’t seem to be showing)) Mixcloud name is…DJ TYE ((has a red alien face)) .

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You still looking for djs?

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Yes please WhatsApp 07810283183

Thanks for sharing this opportunity @AkaLean1! Just a not to say Community members can also message you via Community.

Looking forward to hearing where this goes!

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Hey, I’ve been a DJ for 4 years and can use 2,3 or 4 CDJ’s at a time. Check out this mix I made. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Gives us a call or WhatsApp 07810283183

Hi Do you accept hard techno mixes ? Is it live mixing or pre recorded sets ?

Yes please get in contact

Hi. Does it have to be live or pre recorded?

Live is always better