- Break A World Record With Us -

Hi all - hope you’re good.

We’re attempting to break the world record for most DJs playing B2B, taking place at our Tottenham studios on 25/9/21.

If you’re a DJ - sign up and get involved! There’ll be free drinks, food and merch kicking around, as well as the opportunity to chat to your fellow London DJs. Plus, the studios will be open for free mixing and there’ll be some free studio credit involved.

We’re doing all this to fundraise for KeyChanges - who provide essential workshops for musicians recovering from mental health issues. If you’d rather just donate, you can do so here.

To sign up and go full throttle - fill in this typeform to sign up.

For a full round up of info, head to our blog.

See you all there!

Hi there, I have filled in the form. how do we all know when our slot is and when do we get confirmation of when we are all playing?

I have also submitted a form, been accepted and uploaded my song to play on the day, but haven’t yet heard anything about my time slot. When will we get time slot information??

Hey ! Sorry about this - you can book a timeslot on our new typeform (forgot to update, apologies) here:


thank you, but when will we get confirmation of times of when we are playing. I haven’t heard anything from you (yet).

Hey - we’re sending out emails today about final times etc - again ^ you have to fill in the new, updated typeform in the link above (which will mean providing info/track again etc) and you can choose a time slot.

Thank you. I have had to fill in another with my gmail email as I’m currently experiencing technical issues with my music website email address.

Cool initiative, have submitted the form but there wasn’t a field for tracks to be played…R u grouping DJ’s by style etc? Will be pulling out something in the liquid Dnb realm fyi if I get a msg back for the slot selected - 11-2

ok thanks

Hi there, I still haven’t received any emails to any inboxes. Is it a case of turn up and play or quite what? I have provided my phone number and email. nothing in spam either.


Hayley from Pirate here! I’m so sorry about that - What is your artist name and email? Select your arrival time here if you haven’t already - if you have already - you’ll be logged.

If you bring a USB tomorrow with some tracks from 120-130bpm that would be best!

It’ll roughly be 1 song per DJ :slight_smile:


So just to confirm, I am on the list and it is here.

Pirate Studios - Rehearsal Studios
2 Norman Rd, London N15 4ND
0333 241 9598

Yep all added and correct location! Did you select your time slot? If you get there early I’ve got an exclusive pirate T with your name on it :star_struck:

Wow thank you. I should be able to get the train down for the 2pm session

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Any idea of when the download will be shared and photos of when we were djaying.

There’s a particular song that was playing just before this guy came on I was trying to Shazam the track but it didn’t pick up correctly.