**CHALLENGE CLOSED** 7 DAY CHALLENGE - DJs 30 min mix challenge for studio credit

As promised, here’s another mix challenge for you guys! All of your mixes from last week are so good I’m finding it hard to decide, so i’ll have a couple beers/a boogie tonight and announce the winners tomorrow!

This time, we want to see what you can do in half an hour. Try something different too, if you’re an Oldschool DnB head, maybe try you hand at a half hour of Techno? Switch it up!!!

Same as usual, winner take £50/$50/€50 studio credit and the 2 runners up will take £20.

Important bits

  • Final entries should be uploaded to SoundCloud and published to this thread (simply paste the link).
  • Closing date is Tuesday 23rd Feb.
  • Feel free to use this thread to feed back to other members of the community or ask for tips, that’s what Community is all about!
  • Please limit your mix to 30 mins!

I’m looking forward to hearing your guys’ mixes, good luck!


Aye aye captain

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Great challenge!
The weather is not very nice here in London, usually I’d play a good dark and cold techno set, but for this challenge I decided to bring a bit of sun in your ears with a Jazzy/House set. So get a mojito, put your sunglasses on, take a sit and enjoy!


I am back at it again.

This time I came with different style. Tried to mix as much genres as I can, in just 30min mix. Started with the taste of African vibe, Disco, Funky, House, Classico and end it with the famous house anthem acapella.


Good Evening,

Mixed it up a little this time, let me know what you think.



Hi Guys,

Please find my mix below. Ireland has announced later closing times in pubs and clubs after Covid so I decided to go for something a bit more party party.



rightyo, better latye than never. See below:

CITIZEN · CrateDigs Guest Mix - Bostock Show - Dec 23rd 2020

P.S - I can never get these to embed right. Am I doing something wrong?
P.P.S - Looks like I got it. @H.D Cheers pal !!


think you need to get the private link from soundcloud as opposed to copy/paste the URL - look for share options for the private track

Just posted this in the showcase your mix thread, shoulda checked this one first haha! My bad.

Hope I’m not too late to enter - proper Summer vibes on this one, with the hope of clubs and parties and huge and boogies maybe coming to fruition within a few months!

no problem - best of luck!

bit late to this oops, hopefully not too late tho !! :grin: :grin:


A little last minute, hope you enjoy it.


all these mixes are so sick


Have listened to all the mixes and i’m a bit miffed I didn’t record something fresh, good luck to all the djs submitting! x


When will the results be out for this challenge?

OKAY the judges have had time to confer and the results are in -

First place IS - @Zack with his Body Movin’ mix. Went down a treat in a couple pirate households and people are eager to see which sit coms you reference in any upcoming mixes. Well done bud, big up!

Our runners up are @charstape and @DJRM7 … Massive well done! Expect the credit in your accounts asap! I’ll drop everyone who is expecting credit a message when it arrives in so you guys can get booking.

Please do check out our current challenge for GIG SLOTS and studio credit. We’re super excited about this comp so get your entries in!!!


congrats everyone

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Wow thanks so much guys! :raised_hands: Big love

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sick!! thanks so much x

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Who won the all Women 30 min Mix Competition?