**CHALLENGE CLOSED** 7 DAY CHALLENGE - DJs 30 min mix for studio credit

Hello Fellow DJs!

Special challenge this week, we are looking for you to create a 30 min mix, using only the music of female/femme identifying artists to celebrate yesterday’s IWD! You do not have to be female/femme identifying to enter this comp, it is being put out to any and all DJs to celebrate the ladies that they think deserve the props!!

Standard rules, winner take £50/$50/€50 studio credit and the 2 runners up will take £20.

Important bits

  • Final entries should be uploaded to SoundCloud and published to this thread (simply paste the link).
  • Closing date is Tuesday 16th Mar.
  • Feel free to use this thread to feed back to other members of the community or ask for tips, that’s what Community is all about!
  • Please limit your mix to 30 mins!

Good luck all!


nice one will be jumping on this this weekend cheers

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1- tiNi : Triptease
2- Hellen Mills : Lavanda
3- Julie Marghilano : Time Pusher
4- Stefny : You & Me
5- Valeria Croft : Deneb
6- Magda : 48 hours Crack in your bass

30min Minimal mix from only women producers!


Dope I’ll throw down and upload by tomorrow night! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Very nice idea. I’ll try to make a 30min mix for this.

What about tracks which are a remix by a female artist or which are originally created by a female producer but were then remixed?

Here is my entry for the IWD 30 minute mix challenge. Hope you all enjoy!

1: Yu Su - Watermelon Woman (Original Mix)
2: Peggy Gou - Gou Talk (Original Mix)
3: Emilee - Rodeo (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
4: Just Her - We Dance (Extended Mix)
5: Emily Nash - Pressure (Extended Mix)
6: Octo Octa - Beam Me Up (To the Goddess Mix)
7: Anz - Loos In Twos (NRG) (Original Mix)
8: Logic1000 - I Won’t Forget (Original Mix)
9: Helena Hauff - Panegyric (Original Mix)
10: HAAi - FEELS (Original Mix)

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This is my 30min mix for the celebration of international womens day

Intro: O-Ren Ishii (Kill Bill Vol.1)

  1. Mari Perrelli, Aurelio Guima - All Alone
  2. Marie Davidson - Work It (Soulwax Remix)
  3. Bebetta - Herr Kapellmeister
  4. Beth Lydi - Kaminda
  5. Beth Ditto - Fire (Disciples Remix)
  6. Pilocka Krach - Ay caramba

I had a lot of fun diggin through my crates. Please keep these competitions coming :blush:

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Here’s my Techno mix. Found some great artists from this challenge!

  1. Chaos (Original Mix) - Louisahhh
  2. Varpulis - Charlotte De Witte
  3. Follow (Original Mix) - Amelie Lens
  4. First Take (Extended) - Stella Bossi
  5. HelMutt (Original Mix) - NANCY Live
  6. This Is Not A Test - Chantel Kavanagh
  7. TRIP (Original Mix) - Ann Clue
  8. Satori (Original Mix) - Flavia Laus
  9. Obscure Talk (Original Mix)- Flavia Laus
  10. Scapegoat (Original Mix) - NANCY Live

Hope you enjoy!


Here you go, all I Mix is Women Artist! <3


Here is our 30 min mix for the celebration of international womens day:


  1. Beth Lydi - Fake Records
  2. Bad Girl - Billy Elish (Pretty Pink edit)
  3. Simina Grigoriu - techno monkey
  4. Bebetta - Electric Train
  5. Deborah de Luca - Milkshake
  6. Beth Lydi - Jump the Couch
  7. Monika Kruse - Morgana

Enjoy these 30 min!

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when will the winners will be announced? :slight_smile:


Hello all! Sorry it’s been a while judging this one… we’ve been working on some more cool challenges for you guys to work on :sunglasses: (expect more news in the next week)

SO! - First place is the ever wonderful @KRISSYMARCHANTE … Going to be finding the PT.1 to this for after the pub tonight :smirk:

And our runners-up are…

@Hisai - Nice one dropping Gou Talk, what a banger.

@A.D.S - Loving a bit of Kelis at the moment, the cheese is on point.


Ah amazing, thanks @Pear_Pirate! Can’t go wrong with a bit of Gou ay. Also, who knew @Emily_Nash was a member!? Class tune. Congrats @KRISSYMARCHANTE well deserved!

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