**CHALLENGE CLOSED** 7 DAY CHALLENGE - MCs/Vocalists challenge for Studio Credit

Okay, so I feel like it’s time for us to speak about our secret agenda here. We would like you guys to take the winners of last week’s Instrumental challenge and build upon that with some vocals! We’re hoping that this kickstarts a bit of collaboration in the community and would like to make these weekly challenges a regular thing to keep everyone motivated during these demotivating times.

So a very big well done to @KnockDownGinger / @CalmStiege / @Aiwazz , instant classics, enjoy the studio credit. These soundtracked many of my coffee breaks since last week so a personal big thank you from myself.

Now… You guys need to take one or more of the tracks linked below, think up some vocals, record them, then get it back to us within the week. Biggest banger gets the big bucks (winner taking £50/$50/€50 studio credit and the runners up each taking £20). Just a couple more things -

  • Final entries should be uploaded to SoundCloud and published to this thread (simply paste the link).
  • Closing date is Monday 22nd Feb at 12 noon.
  • Please ask permission from the artist that made the original instrumental before sharing anywhere outside of Community.
  • Finally, as you work, feel free to post your works in progress on the competition thread for feedback from other members and Pirate staff.

Have fun and good luck!



Flamenco instrumental - @KnockDownGinger


Darkside - @CalmStiege

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The Frantic But Jovial Search for Linus Piggington - @Aiwazz

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might write a 64 of pure drill bars i have no right spitting to this

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How do i submit?

Final entries should be uploaded to SoundCloud and published to this thread (simply paste the link). Drop me a DM if you have any issues and i can walk you through!



Still a WIP, but loved this garage beat it took me back, had to quickly put some bars on it


Thanks man

Soooo… when do i get my prize :sweat_smile: :joy:

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Okay guys. So after taking a massive amount of time out of my busy schedule to trawl through this mass of entries… i have come to a decision!

Winner is @LASWAVEHTS with “Beyond the sky” Produced by @KnockDownGinger. You guys went hard with this, should think about releasing it!

@Brighty is our runner up, taking @CalmStiege’s track that is being released next month (correct me if i’m wrong), and turning it into a true garage banger, 2002 would be proud boys!

Well done! We’ll be posting more challenges super soon so keep an eye out!


Big up. Hopefully, will be released at the end of March, but i’ve been procrastinating a lot so admittedly unsure when exactly aha.

if ur keen for it, the best way to make sure u hear about its release is following me @calmstiege on insta/twitter :slight_smile:

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Sweet man! Make sure you throw a couple posts in here over the next couple weeks before the release too mate, I’ll have a word with a couple people in our community/content teams and see if we can get anything sorted to help with the release.

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nice one. i really appreciate it!!!

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Nice one that was fun @CalmStiege lovely beat


Ayyy !! Thanks !

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would love to do the next vocalist challenge! let me know when it’s up x

for 24 hours the E.p. this darkside tune is from is available from my bandcamp!
did someone say bandcamp day!!