**CHALLENGE CLOSED** International Women's Day - spotlight your favourite womxn artist


For IWD 2021, we’ve reached out to some of our favourite collectives that empower and spotlight women and femme-identifying artists to join Community - welcome!

We’re opening this thread to ask a simple question:

What female/femme-identifying artist do you think needs more recognition, and why?

Nominate your artists below - and they could win £200 studio credit, plus £75 each for 2 runners up. We’re keen to highlight new female talent on our home page, and the winners will be featured on our “Pirate Sounds” section of our homepage - viewed over 2.3million times a year.

All you need to do is nominate a female/femme-identifying artist below, explain a bit about why they deserve more recognition, and a link to their socials/track - pass it on!

Winners will be announced in 2 weeks.


I nominate @thesophiesmalls who I actually discovered through Community when she submitted a great mix for the no vocals challenge!

You can check out her SoundCloud here:


I’m nominating @mouthiimouth who is an amazing Radio Host here in London.

She deserves so much recognition for her work in creating an inclusive space for women in the music industry.

Check out her insta for more details!


This has honestly made my day & has given me a great push to keep going. I really appreciate this and what you do! :heart:

Will absolutely keep putting out some good stuff :slight_smile:


I’m nominating @fliss ! She’s an amazing s/s from Manchester. I met her in uni and have watched her grow as an artist and as a creative to the absolutely amazing, inspiring, hardworking courageous women she is today! She’s so committed to her craft and is proof that hard work and dedication pays off.

She’s always been very open about conversations surrounding mental health, and talks about how music has helped her throughout her own personal journey. Through her music she has opened up a dialogue between her and her followers to have these difficult conversations. I think having more people like Fliss talking about anxiety, depression, self care etc, encourages others to talk, and hopefully these matters won’t be such taboos anymore. We’ve all struggled during the pandemic, but Fliss’s music and words have kept me going!!

Her newest vid:

Her soundcloud:

Her insta:


I have to nominate my good friend Ab0. She’s an upcoming DnB producer from the UK who’s put in a ridiculous amount of effort in all artistic aspects, from learning new production techniques, improving her mixdowns, somehow getting even better at DJing and making her own visuals. A track from her recent EP Ultra-Violet got a playlist feature from her idols Krewella and I’m so so proud. And I’m lucky enough to be going b2b with her at one of the first shows after the lockdown is lifted!! She deserves so much more recognition, the future is so bright for her.

Her Soundcloud:


I nominate @bexxmp3 - an incredibly talented singer songwriter in London. I’m almost certain she introduced herself as a triple threat when we first met…and over the years it’s been pretty darn clear that’s true. She deserves recognition not only for her music, but also for her grit, resilience and self-confidence. We need to celebrate womxn with these qualities!

She’s also set up her own charity called Helping Band, raising money from gigs to support food banks.

Sneak peak of her upcoming single here:


eek thank you! this has made me a very happy girl this afternoon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: can’t wait to share more new stuff with you, thank you for supporting what I’m doing!

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I nominate ‘Qing Qi’ ! Qing Qi is based out of Oakland CA, Bay area, and has been uplifting women all around the world. She’s a Co-Owner of an Oakland local Co-Op Grocery store. Qing Qi is extremely talented and devoted to her goals. She just dropped a new album ‘Emotionally Intelligent’ and working on new project! Please support her, she is NEXT UP!


I nominate @BerrySoul! She is a very talented artist and songwriter from London who has such a unique sound that is appealing to the ear. She recently released a Instagram track “Journey” that has such a cool bouncy beat and she flows on it so effortlessly and in a smooth manor. She seems to have such a clear vision of how she wants to be portrayed through her music and her visuals which I think is so crucial to have. A very promising artist for 2021 and overall an excellent and incredible female artist or artist period! :slight_smile:


I would like to nominate @lissa - a Scottish, Berlin-based DJ who over the past few years has been making waves with her industrial/EBM/post-punk sound.
LISSA has used her platform to speak-out about her past negative experiences in the industry to empower women and also to support those experiencing similar prejudices.
I have been lucky enough to see her perform twice in her native city of Glasgow as well as her Tresor debut in Berlin.
I am also super proud to say that LISSA is my sister and that it is amazing to have such a brave female sibling in my life to look up to and, as a male (in the industry), learn from.
Soundcloud >
Artist Profile >


Hey!! When are the winners announced for this?? xxxx

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We have our winner!

Congratulations to @fliss, you’re the winner! @LA50327496 nominated you and we loved how you’ve created an open discussion within your artistry about mental health, and your new release is a stunner! You’ve won £200 Pirate studio credit, and also a spotlight on our socials! drop me a dm

Our runners up:

  • @lissa, nominated by @CS20379845 - for speaking out about industry prejudice across Glasgow and Berlin. We also loved your mixes (and mixtapes!). You’ve won £75 Pirate credit - drop me a DM!

  • @BerrySoul, nominated by @Nics. We love your fresh, unique take on RnB - been listening to Timezone a lot! You’ve won £75 Pirate credit - drop me a DM!

Thank you to everyone who nominated someone, they were all fantastic nominees and fascinating artists!


ahhhh amazing!!! im soo proud of @fliss and of everyone who entered. you’re all such incredible talented women!! also thank u @Eva_Pirate for introducing me to @thesophiesmalls i have been listneing to ur mixes all week :joy::joy::joy:

and @bexxmp3 you have to let us know when you start doing those gigs again so we can all get involved !!!