Croydon (good news!)

We are all very excited to announce that CROYDON is nearly ready to reopen!

Bookings will be taken from June 2nd, aiming for a July 2nd launch. It’s the usual Pirate set up, with 6 new lush recording studios with vocal booths :microphone:

Thank you for your patience while we dealt with Covid restrictions and getting construction underway.

Exciting news! But I cant seem to be able to book yet

Sorry, tech issues at our end! It is alllll good to go now from the 2nd.

Do you know what rooms are new the new rooms?

1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 are all Recording — vocal studios :slight_smile:

Thanks, have now booked. Sad to see the cheaper Rehearsal rooms have gone, for a drummer its a real pain to have to book out a bigger rehearsal room for a higher cost when I dont need it

Happy Croydon day everyone! Bookings open — we can’t wait to see you there

Hmm, I saw those mentioned before signing up. They’re not a thing anymore??