D’N’B skill share

Hello, I’ve recently started picking up on mixing Drum and Bass. I want to progress more and enhance my skills but there’s only so much on the internet I can learn from so it would be Class if I could learn from anyone on here just let me know.

Bump on this! Also started mixing a few months ago so would appreciate advice.
Personally, I’ve found that mixing with mates who have a lot more experience defo helps (unfortunately most of them aren’t local to me though so this doesn’t happen to much).
I tried watching youtube videos and thought they were a bit crap tbf… I’ve found that recording mixes (even if it’s just a 20 second blend or something) and sending it to mates to ask for feedback is always really helpful!
Other than that I can’t help much so would love to get some pros tips

Thank you for the advise and I hear you on that!…I’d love to be able to do that sort of thing. Only problem being none of my friends are DnB Dj’s they are either House or they Mc… which is annoying just means I got to learn the hard way until I find someone local who does it too.

I’m a dnb DJ. If I can be of any help then all good. I always use studios in London though. Mainly Hackney or the ones over south london.

Been in dnb 20yrs…

I’d echo what Trinity said - record, record, record! Then stick the tracks on your phone and listen back.

When a track seems to blend well write it down and try and repeat that mix next time your practice.