Disappointed with Pirate Customer Support


I want to express my disappointment about the customer support I received from one of the agents this morning. I asked something very simple as it will be my first time in the Notting Hill studios on Saturday, and instead of receiving simple answers, the agent would just send me links or photos - sometimes not even on the topic in question.

What struck me the most though is the lack of empathy the agent showed - it literally felt like I was chatting with a Robot. Being precautious, i contacted 3 days before the booking just to make sure everything is right as I’m expecting a client for this session.

What would happen if I contacted you whilst be in the studio, with the clock ticking and the client being frustrated? How would I look to the client? How would the client perform after waiting for a simple thing that is not being resolved due to lock of either knowledge or empathy from the agent?

I’m only talking common sense - but the agent in charge didn’t seem to get it? Perhaps he had a bad day - but this is really not acceptable. I felt like the agent is the customer and I’m working for him with the way he approached the whole conversation.

Please do something about it.!

Hey Stelios, firstly, thanks for sharing. Secondly, my apologies. I completely agree, that’s not the service you should expect from us at Pirate. We’re currently in the midst of re-imagining our customer support overnight (our UK team starts later), and this is really useful feedback to have. I’m going to ask one of our senior team members to give you a call back — we want to make sure you’re prepared for any session or issues you may face in the studio. Thanks, Amber