On 22/12/21 I had a dj room booked out for two hours at the Norwich studio when I started playing I noticed there were issues with one of the cdjs.

I contacted support and 15-30 minutes later I was moved into a new room. I noticed that the jog wheel was very stiff on one of the decks. At this point I just wanted to mix and I thought it wasn’t that bad . A few tracks in I realised that it made mixing hard and not very enjoyable.

I didn’t contact suppport I gave up and was annoyed that both rooms had faulty equipment and I did no more available time.

So essentially I wasted two hours of my day.

This hasn’t been the first time something like that has happen to me and speaking to peers the general consensus is that the equipment has gone down hill within the last six months.

It’s hard to believe I’m the first person this has happened to. I would have thought if you get a report of equipment not working you would move all bookings from that room until it’s fixed.

I reached out to your support team on Facebook and the tone and responses were unprofessional and it was a constant push back that it was my fault.

Hi Ethan,

I’m very sorry to hear about your experience in our Norwich studios. When you get a moment, please jump onto live chat and ask for me (Dan) specifically, so we can discuss this further and sort out some form of compensation.

Best Wishes,

Dan @ Pirate

“I noticed that the jog wheel was very stiff on one of the decks.”

You might know but if not - you know you can adjust the amount of force it takes for the deck to spin & make it either really tight or loose?

Same issue in studio 27 in Camden. Can you fix it? thanks

Thanks for posting the tip! Sometimes that’s handy, but the jog wheels do tend to get stuck if anything is spilled on them (PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!!), or if the mechanism gets loose internally. If you ever have problems like this, make sure to contact CS so it flags up for us techs to fix! We try to test as often as we can, but especially on the larger sites, it can sometimes go for a week or so between gear testing, getting stuck, and then getting tested and fixed again. Worst to worst, if we know about it we can try and direct customers to different rooms before they’ve lost any booking time!