"DJ Event Opportunity" --- Call to DJs and Producers

Hi everyone
An opportunity to play as a DJ in north London is coming for this summer
It is going to be a Live Music Concert with some craft and food sellers around
This event is going to happen provably the 24th of July but it could happen the 7th or 14th of August, it needs to be confirmed as we are still working on it
and it is a Free event so, even though we will not earn in cash this time we will earn in exposure, branding and Networking.
This is an excellent opportunity for us to know each other, make connections and get a lot of exposure in front of the public as the council and ourselves are going to promote this Live Music Event.

If that is something that you could be interested in, please let me know by replying to this email:
You can use this email to share with us your SoundCloud and Instagram social links and make any questions you could have

Forward to hearing from you

Kind regards
Ramone LondonDj


Hi @RamoneLondonDj! Thanks so much for posting this in the the Pirate community! It sounds like this will be a fun event, so good luck and have a safe one! :slight_smile:


Thank you Carlray very much for your comments.
Have a good day


You got it Ramone, you as well! :slight_smile:

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