DJ room limit

Once lockdown is over, how many people can we have in one dj studio?

my friends and I are all in the same college bubble so I think according to the government that’s similar to being from the same household

You should wait for someone from HQ to chime in, because I don’t want to give you advice and then you follow it and get told off if I’m wrong…! But, as far as I know, once lockdown is over, we’ll likely return to the rules under the “tiers” system the government implemented in October, so it’ll likely be rule-of-6, from a maximum of 2 households. As soon as lockdown’s lifted, there should be advice on the booking page to confirm, and if in doubt, you’re welcome to contact Customer Service ahead of time and they can advise how best to stay safe!

Apologies for the slightly rubbish answer - with furlough and all, it’s all a bit chaotic at the minute, so we’re all just refreshing BBC News and trying to keep calm and carry on!

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alright cheers for the reply man, hoping to get on the decks for a b2b with a few mates once the lockdown gets lifted.

For sure, we’re all ganning to get back to it!

I realised I missed out that, I think it’ll be rule-of-6 from max 2 households for Tier 1 studios - I expect stricter rules for 2 and 3. We’ll be towing the government line, so if in doubt, check out what the government has to say and we’ll probably be doing something to that effect

Hey @Enzaaa :wave: Amber here, CX manager. I can’t say what our approach will be for local/government restrictions (let’s face it, do they even know) but I can tell you we’re updating our status page daily with all of the details for each studio location.

FYI, worth pointing out our ‘normal capacity’ for DJ studios is 5 people maximum, including the lead booker. This is for both pro and premium studios :slight_smile:

If you have any other questions feel free to give me a shout. Cheers!

Didn’t want to be the first one to say it, but without getting too political, suffice it to say that my faith in the clear and simple government advice has… Long since dissipated!


ok thank you!

tell me about it mate haha