DJ Rooms Suggestion


Select larger rooms or 3+ Deck rooms that you pay more for should have Sofa’s or more chairs dotted about

Those longer sessions it would be nice to chill while waiting for your turn on the decks rather than having to stand about.


Hey, thanks for sharing! Love the idea — could be a good one for our new and bigger buildings :slight_smile: Where are you based, Daz?

Yes that would be epic, so glad this suggestion came up.
In the cardiff studios theres 3 dj rooms, 1 large and 2 smaller rooms.
the large room could fit a 3 deck set up and keep the small rooms as they are maybe upgrade the monitors and cdjs upgrade the sofa in the larger room. Would be a perfect addition to the cardiff and south wales dj scene to have 3 decks available, up the price a little for use of 3 decks and keep the price the same for the other 2 smaller rooms.
Theres alot of land by the cardiff studio, so maybe a whole extension to add more rooms make it larger to accommodate the fast growth of djs and bands within the city and surrounding areas of south wales.

Thanks for the feedback, especially on Cardiff. Long term we are looking at moving our Cardiff studio to a new custom-built facility :smiley: Related, we are waiting for CDJ3000s to be delivered from Pioneer as soon as they can and upgrade our decks. Watch this space.

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Oh wow ambz that’s the best news I’ve heard this year, cardiff and south wales I’m sure will be pleased with an updated facility or just even the upgrade of cdj3000s. Eeekkk I’m very excited.
If you do move the facility, I’d still love for it to be central cardiff it’s so much more accessible

We also have a shiny new studio manager, Nic, who will be taking care of the place! He’s been in the customer experience team at Pirate for the last few years and is an excellent human — he’s always keen to hear feedback too if you see him around.

Yeah the sofa will be very good in all bigger room’s cuz sometimes guests get tired from dancing and there is only one chair to sit down