DJ studio booking

Hi team, I have just asked support to change a session time that I have booked for another time today. I am booked in for 6 - 8pm and potentially might not make that. I messaged at 10am, checked studio and seen another room is available 4 - 6pm, but have been advised that this cannot be changed. This is In Glasgow. Just seems bizarre that a quick change cannot be made, when availability is there.

Hi Gary — you can cancel bookings up to 12hrs before the session yourself by looking at your account page. On request we can cancel bookings before 12hrs with credit, for you to rebook at your own leisure but room ‘changes’ and ‘shifts’ aren’t something we can easily do. Let me know what you’d like to do — if you jump on the live chat at we can help you out :slight_smile:


Hi amber, I was not aware of that, just thought it we be a simple change. I have managed to do some changes and now my session at 6pm it’s all good to go. Thanks for your feedback, will remember this the next time.

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No worries at all — our system is being upgraded so hopefully will be a lot smoother in the future. If you ever need anything let us know. Have a good time!