Down to 1 DJ studio in Bristol?

It looks like the Bristol studios is down to 1 DJ room at the moment? Just checking are there any plans to open the others back up?

Also… a Pro DJ studio would be a very welcome addition as well :smiley:

Hey Jack, DJ seems really popular right now so things are getting booked out fast! I hear you on the pro set-up. We’ve got a few things planned for Bristol (including a much needed toilet makeover) and this will definitely be on the list too.

Hey @Ambz_Pirate, I just had a look and room 11 isn’t available until mid November and 13 isn’t available until 21st December.

I assumed they were out of action but have they actually just been block booked for weeks at at time?

On reflection I think these ones are used for BIMM during term time but I will double-check…!