England re-opening

Hey gang, just wanted to drop you a quick update regarding England and the tier system. We will be opening back to all customers on December 2nd — however, capacity and opening hours will depend on what tier your local studio is operating under.

As ever, all the guidance will be updated on our status page — hopefully will have everything in place tomorrow so you know what to expect.

If you have any questions feel free to give me a shout in this thread, or reach out to our support team on live chat. Cheers!


Hopefully, the London DJ studios return to 24-hour service :pray:

Hi Agostinho! Welcome to Community :wave: I’m just updating the status now, but super pleased to tell you all London studios will be 24hrs (except for Croydon which is still closed/under renovation following the flood).

Alright, here is the official line for next week!

England guidance: Until lockdown is lifted, restrictions still apply. From 02 December 2020:

  • Studios in Tier 2 cities (including London) will be open 24/7. Dance studios will reopen. For all studios: capacity will be normal, the same household only.
  • Studios in Tier 3 cities will be open 07:00—23:00 daily (with recording available 24/7). Dance studios will reopen. For all studios: capacity will be normal, the same household only.

Mask rules still apply: wear one in all communal areas and in the company of others, unless you’re singing or podding :mask:

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Wooooohooooooooooooo! OMG I’m so happy, thank you so much! :sob:

Im in a support bubble with my mates does that mean we can still book a dj room together? We aren’t from the same household but im pretty sure the same rules still apply

@Enzaaa Hey I wanted to update you — after chatting to our Operations team they have agreed support bubbles are fine — obviously, all other rules on capacity and mask safety apply. Look forward to welcoming you guys back!


thank you thats great news, looking forward to getting back in there

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Just wondering what the rules are when going to the studio (Podcast and Recording) with other people when we are all spending time together in education?
Would we be allowed to continue using the studio (social distancing as much as possible) or will we have to wait to continue?
As we are continuously monitored with Track and Trace etc?

Let me double check with the customer service team on this!

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Hey @KnockDownGinger! Confirmed, it’s fine to use the studios for educational purposes with contact tracing, however, capacity limits still apply. And it goes without saying, please wear your :mask:

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What’s the latest on the Croydon studio? I know its been closed due to flooding a while now, just wondering if it will be back up and running soon.

Hey, unfortunately it’s still closed. The flood required a complete rebuild which is underway :pensive: