How to setup CDJ's with Rekordbox

Very hand little guide on setting up Rekordbox with a laptop and CDJ’s from a Leeds customer (thanks Dean!)

Once you’ve connected both CDJs and the mixer to the laptop using 3 USB-A to B wires into a USB hub you need to install both CDJs and mixer onto the computer. To do this you need to open Rekordbox (whilst the wires are connected). Then select Preferences, Audio and both CDJs should have installed automatically as you will see under ‘Built-In Output’. However, you cannot connect your laptop properly without installing the mixer as well.

To do this: select Drivers and click on the mixer you are using in the list. First, uninstall the mixer driver first (you may need to restart afterward). Then do the same process but press install. It will take you through the install process but it will not fully install until you go on to your Mac settings:

Settings/System Preferences/Security and Privacy/Press the lock to unlock and put your password in/there will be a little message at the bottom of this page and you must press ‘Allow’. This will not install correctly. Restart your computer one more time and then open up Rekordbox and everything will be ready to go.

Link below takes you to a playlist walkthrough of this process!


If anyone else can help with a walkthrough on a similar setup with Serato or a PC, hit me up!