Hvh arts foundation supporting young people in music

Hi Pirate Community, We are an arts charity based in Camden supporting vulnerable young people living in the disadvantaged areas of Camden. We are currently running a programme called The Music Mentoring Project. I am posting here just to ask if there are any artists, producers, singers who may want to get involved in this project supporting young people in music. The project is running for one year and we are always keen to chat to young artists too.

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Hi Debbi, welcome and thanks for sharing! I will let the rest of our team know about your project, sounds interesting.

Hey there, sounds fantastic! Please drop me a line to, would love to help out with this.

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Hi Debbi,

Just seen this on here and hope all is well! Happy to chat further as would be keen to help the kids either through music or art! Give me a call in the gallery and we can discuss.

Ben Springett (AZFA)

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Hey Debbi!
We would love to support any way we can! Our usual programs are dealing with mental health. We are always down to help the youths. Email us at

Take care!

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I’m a Youth Worker and am interested in finding out more about the programme.

Kind regards


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Are there any ways we can help online etc. If we aren’t local? My email is and I’d love to be involved if so :slight_smile: