Jubilee Weekender gig

Hey guys for anybody in London I would love to invite you all to my headline show on Friday the 3rd at 7pm in Shoreditch (Hoxton) I’ve added a few artist to the line up all who I have found via the pirate community. More importantly it will be great for all of us to meet and network as there will be a after-party at the same venue. So if your looking for some musical inspiration or just to meet some aspiring artist come down. Tickets are only £8 including the after-party. I will leave a link below and it will be awesome to connect with you guys.


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Hi @Tradge! Thanks for taking the time to share your upcoming show in the pirate community! Best of luck to you and keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

Many thanks I really appreciate it and thank you for giving us a platform to all connect on

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